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How & Why?

Ta-Dah! Theatre Company established in February 2022, Ta-Dah! Theatre Company is an independent amateur theatre club based at Biddenden Village Hall in Kent.


After a lifetime in amateur theatre and two years with no theatrical activity due to covid, Geoff Down and David Waters realised they shared the same ambition:

  • To start a new amateur theatre, based in a community, producing entertainment by and for the local community.

  • To do things differently from the ‘norm’ and to ‘stretch’ everybody’s talents to the best they can achieve.

  • Ta-Dah! was not to be bogged down with ‘rules and regs’; there’s no committee and no constitution.

  • The mission is to work together as a group with everyone ‘mucking-in’ doing whatever needs doing.

  • Biddenden was the obvious choice. It has a great community spirit and it’s own excellent facilities with two large halls.


Where does the expression  ‘Ta-Dah!’ come from?

We believe the expression ‘Ta-Dah!’ comes from the Bulgarian or Slavic words for ‘ta + da’ (та да!) meaning quite simply ‘that there’. It was probably used by a Bulgarian or Russian magician traveling across America in the late 1800's, to announce the conclusion of an illusion.  An American likely heard it and thought it sounded like good showmanship, without knowing what it was. Then magicians everywhere started using it as a gimic because it sounded more impressive than saying ‘There you have it!’ in English. And now, it’s widely used to announce a surprise or something really special – like our theatre company. So – there you have it. 

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